Our Approach

Insurance agents have to understand the needs of customers before they can build a policy portfolio to cover them properly. Because of their experiences as farmers, business owners, and homeowners, the agents of Simmons Insurance have specific understandings about what kinds of insurance needs people have. From a hobby business in addition to a full time job, to a large business with employess, from a rented apartment and one car to owning multiple homes and vehicles, Simmons Insurance will take the time to find out exactly what you need.

Meet the Team

Here's the Simmons team, ready to work for you. With a long history in the area, experience in farming, and knowledge of local insurance needs, this team can tailor an insurance portfolio to suit any needs.

Carol Simmons began working for Rockingham Group in 1986. Her commitment to customer service led her to open Simmons Insurance Agency in 1996, and a second location in Moneta in 2012. Simmons Insurance is a family business, with Stacy Simmons working from the Vinton office and his wife Debbie running the Moneta office.


Carol Simmons

Founder & CEO

Carol has been working in insurance since 1973. She is licensed in property and casualty, life and health, and has her CISR.


Stacy Simmons

Stacy came to Simmons Insurance in 2011. He has experience in construction and farming and brings a unique perspective to insurance needs. He is licensed in property and casualty.

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Debbie Simmons

Debbie has been with Simmons Insurance since 2009. She runs the family farm along with Stacy and is active in horse and mule shows around the area. She also has her property and casualty license.